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iTero® Digital Scanner

At Ultra Smiles we use the iTero® Digital Impression System by Align Technology to help create your smile. Our digital impression system replaces the outdated, often unpleasant, and messy putty impressions traditionally used to take impressions of your teeth. Using the scanning wand, we take precise 3D digital images of your teeth and bite, which help us formulate your personalized treatment plan. We also use these digital images to demonstrate your treatment options and help keep you up-to-date on your progress.

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Custom Clear Braces Light

Custom Clear Braces

Our Custom Clear Braces are powered by LightForce technology. LightForce braces are customized and 3D-printed using polycrystalline alumina, blending cutting-edge technology with digital treatment planning. This orthodontic treatment is uniquely designed for each individual patient, so the custom brackets fit your teeth perfectly.

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Ultra Smiles is proud to be a provider of Invisalign® clear aligners, which give adults and teens a clear, convenient, and comfortable option to achieve a stunning smile.

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InBrace Technology


InBrace is a behind-the-teeth straightener that gently moves teeth into place using a Smartwire made from shape memory alloy and programmed with Gentleforce® technology.

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