InBrace in Manassas, VA

The "behind the teeth" teeth straightener

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Hidden treatment. Eye-catching smile.

InBrace lets you live your life without orthodontics getting in the way. InBrace Smartwire fits behind the teeth, allowing your orthodontist to straighten your smile without traditional braces or aligners. Out of sight, InBrace provides efficient, effective tooth movement without the hassle of taking aligners in and out or managing visible brackets and wires.

How Does InBrace work?

Our doctor completes a thorough exam of your teeth and mouth and discusses your orthodontic needs and goals. Together you’ll determine if InBrace is your optimal orthodontic treatment.

Our doctors generate accurate digital images of your teeth and mouth. Your custom Smartwire is made to match your exact measurements.

You’ll visit us in the office so we can place your individual Smartwire that has been programmed with Gentleforce technology to automatically align your teeth according to the orthodontist’s plan.

You’re now on autopilot, with no monthly office visits to change trays, tighten wires, or adjust brackets. We’ll have you come in periodically to check your Smartwire and ensure your treatment is on track.

Who is InBrace for?

InBrace behind-the-teeth Smartwire braces are perfect for adults who want to improve the look of their smile and their overall health without announcing to the world they’re getting treatment.

Can InBrace fix overbites or underbites?

Absolutely. InBrace orthodontic treatment repairs many types of malocclusions, from simple to complex. Ask us today if InBrace is right for your unique situation.

What are the benefits of InBrace?

Instant confidence

You'll start seeing results in as soon as two weeks. Get ready to love looking in the mirror! You’ll see your gorgeous self minus the brackets and wires of traditional braces.

Eat normally

With no messy trays to pop out before you indulge, you can eat whenever you want—no more looking for a discreet place to take out your aligners. Never worry about bits of food leaving the restaurant with you caught in your brackets.

Sip away

Start your day with your favorite coffee or tea. With nothing to remove, your treatment continues working while you drink.

A+ oral hygiene

Brush and floss normally throughout treatment for optimal oral hygiene. InBrace won't create the visible white spots common with traditional braces.

More "you time"

Because of the Gentleforce technology in the InBrace Smartwire, your auto-pilot treatment means you’re spending your time doing the stuff of life, not the stuff of orthodontics.

How is InBrace different from aligners?

Aligners are transparent trays that fit completely over your teeth. Every few weeks you need to exchange aligners for the next pair in your treatment plan.

InBrace is a small Smartwire fixed only behind your teeth—nothing at all on the front. Your treatment is programmed from the beginning in one Smartwire. No more switching appliances.

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